Due to the amount of abuse we have had via email, Twitter and Facebook, along with many personal attacks online, we have had delay Brexit Beer. It was always our intention to unite a disparate nation but many people out there didn’t see it that way. We appreciate all the support we have had along with those who have ordered Brexit Beer for today. We are hoping to get Brexit Beer back on sale at some point in the future. The Brexit Beer Team. Let’s get #brexitbeer trending

Brexit Smooth 12x500ml Bottle Pack

A late hopped golden beer with an inviting citrus aroma, subtle sweet notes, and a delicate citrus flavour.

ALC 4.3% VOL

PLEASE NOTE: This beer is bottle conditioned craft beer and may pour hazy and contain sediment. Please allow the beer to settle for 24 hours. Store upright and pour carefully if you wish to leave the sediment in the bottle. Best served chilled.


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Brexit Beer is brewed & distributed for Brexit.beer in the UK and is subject to their trading terms and conditions.



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